5 Things I Love This Week – 29th May 2017

In this series, I like to post the things I have enjoyed the most this week. It could be an item, a song, a playlist, could be anything.  I publish one every Monday.

1. BBQ Weather

This week has been a scorcher! Almost unbearably hot right from Monday to Sunday! My flatmates and I took full advantage of this glorious weather one night after work with a spontaneous BBQ in our local park, where they have a BBQ area. London is pretty awesome anyway, but London sunsets are the best (and will feature heavily in today’s post!). I snapped some pictures below. It really was an amazing evening.

2. Franks Rooftop Cafe – Peckham Rye

Another sunset heavy item. Franks Rooftop Cafe opened up last weekend for the summer. If you have never been before, or heard me go on and on about it, it is a “summer only” bar on top of a multistory car park near Peckham Rye station. I know…. selling it… but it really is amazing. They have a limited selection of speciality food and drinks and a truly unbelievable view of London’s spectacular skyline. They also feature local artist work. If you have a chance this summer, check it out.

3. Crazy Bear – Fitzrovia

For a special treat this week, I went through my book-a-table Star Deals and found one I couldn’t pass on. 12 dishes and a glass of champagne for £33 a person….. yes! So I dragged one of my friends along and the food was incredible. This normally £62 per person tasting menu was an Asian fusion amazement. We had things like Wagyu Beef Tartar, Lobster Pad Thai, Lychee Cheesecake, oh it was so good! And, since we went on a Wednesday, they have ‘Champagne Wednesdays’. That’s half price Champagne y’all! Ordered my first (and probably last) bottle in a restaurant. These pictures don’t do it justice!

4.  Brunch (feat… Avocados!)

Saturday morning brought what I was hoping to be a free tour around the Houses of Parliament in aide of the General Election coming up..but as I was looking on the website to find how to get in, I found all tours had been cancelled! Sadly, I had already left home and was actually on a bus on Westminster Bridge so I decided to have a wander around Soho, one of my favourite places in London to just explore. Having not had breakfast, my friend and I wandered around trying to find somewhere to eat. We came across Balthazar in Covent Garden. What looked like a fancy and expensive restaurant was a fancy and reasonably priced restaurant with a decent cup of tea and avocado on toast. Highly recommended for Brunch, may be a little expensive once Alcohol is thrown into the mix though!

5. Rebecca Munroe – Every Day Video in June

Rebecca Munroe is a visionary. As one of my best friends for over 10 years, when she told me she was starting a YouTube channel, I was over the moon. Her videos are inspiring, feministic (if that’s a word) and fun. And now we have the amazing joy of a video everyday in June. In her most recent video, a “chatty get ready with me”, Becca describes her reasons and themes for the month. I am so looking forward to this! Make sure you tune in!


And that’s it for this week 🙂

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