Burgess Park Apple and Blackberry Crumble!

** This post was written before I turned Vegan. To make it Vegan, use a plant based butter substitute! **


Good afternoon!

I thought I would open this Friday with a baking post! I like to bake quite a lot but rarely get the time to do it. At the weekend, I was feeling a little…..worse for wear :p and decided to go blackberry picking in Burgess Park. This is very close to my house and didn’t seem like too much work :).

When I got there, there seemed to be a lack of blackberries in reachable places so it actually turned into quite a chore! I managed to get a good haul though! While picking, I was in the midst of a thorny bush and spotted it was wrapped around an apple tree! And they looked like good apples! I picked a few that looked good and popped them into my bag.


I decided I wanted to make an Apple and Blackberry crumble! I grabbed a packet of apples from tesco, just incase I needed them but only needed 1 so that was a positive!

I looked up a few recipes and sort of combined them so thank you Pinterest!

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

120g Flour
60g Sugar
60g Butter

Blackberries (soaked in salt water to get all the worms out!)
Apples – peeled and chopped into small pieces
30g Butter
30g Sugar (any kind, some use demera, I used granulated)

  1. Mix the flour, sugar and butter together with your fingertips, until it forms ‘breadcrumbs’. This was so nice to eat raw…..don’t do that though…. 🙂
  2. Tip it into a baking tray, or I used the dish I was going to use for the crumble to save washing up.
  3. Cook it for 10 mins or so at 190 degrees Celsius and they should look like the below. Again, so nice to eat. But don’t or you may not have enough to cover your fruit…..(see below)File_000
  4. In a saucepan, melt the butter in with the sugar until it starts going a golden brown colour.
  5. Put in the apple cubes/chunks and coat it in the sugar/butter mix. This is like caramel. Cook in here for about 2-3 mins. The apple will start going a little softer.
  6. Add in your blackberries and your ginger or cinnamon (I used ginger…..because I didn’t have any cinnamon! 😦 The ginger was nice though!) and give that a good mix too.  Cook for another 5 minutes.File_004
  7. Tip this into an ovenproof dish and sprinkle the crumble mixture on top. Sprinkle some sugar on top too if you’re a sugar fiend like me! Cook for around 15-20 mins on the middle shelf.
  8. Take out, spoon into a bowl and enjoy with a hideous amount of cream…..or on its own or whatever you want.

And that’s it. A Burgess Park, local, apple and blackberry crumble. It was so yummy and as you can see, there was more leftover for tonight….. 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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