5 Things I Love This Week – 28th August 2017

In this series, I like to post the things I have enjoyed the most this week. It could be an item, a song, a playlist, could be anything.  I try to publish one every Monday.

This week, this post is scheduled because I am sunning it up in the South of France! 🙂 I love the August bank holiday weekend. Not only do we have a day off work, but it is the gateway to my favourite time of the year. Autumn and Christmas. Can’t wait!

1. South West Four – Clapham Common

Since this is scheduled, when writing this, I haven’t actually done this yet……but I’m so excited. South West Four is a festival with one of my favourite childhood bands headlining! (Pendulum)! I remember dancing to Blood Sugar and Propane Nightmares when I was younger at parties. Love it. I am also excited to see Tinie Tempah and Sigma. Its going to be great 🙂

2. La Luna – Walworth Road

Staying local, I was tired and a little hungover on Wednesday after a spontaneous Tuesday Disarano session with my flatmates! Feeling lazy, my flatmate, Tom, and I decided to have dinner out and picked a place 5 minutes from my house. It is called La Luna and is a local Italian restaurant in Walworth Road. They have a 3 course set menu for £13.90 which is so filling! I didn’t order off of this menu but had a vegetarian calzone followed by a slice of banoffee pie. Tom had an anchovy pizza (bleh) with a lemon sorbet to finish. It was amazing. So amazing, I forgot to take a picture of it! I would highly recommend this restaurant!

3. Fruits of Burgess Park

You may notice a South London vibe to this weeks post! Being away from my home, made me appreciate what I have around me on a day to day basis. I posted about the Burgess Park Blackberry and Apple crumble I made. This was one of my favourite things of the week and I will be out there again soon for more yummies!

4. Notes to Strangers

These have been cropping up around London for a while now but this week, I have been taking a little more notice as to what they say. The artist is Andy Leek and he can be found here: @notestostrangers . I love this idea and seeing these on your average commute each day can really brighten an otherwise monotonous journey.

5. Yaay Yaay

Finally, something foodie again. My friend Chad and I headed over the the Kings Cross Kerb food market near our work on Wednesday (yes, two takeaways in one day, I was hungover ok!). Settled on a Thai place called Yaay Yaay. They served up a mixture of riceberry rice, fried vegetables, cripsy onions and a fried egg. It was salty and spicy and so so good! Chad had some steak on his while I had added mushrooms. What an amazing meal. I could barely finish it. I would recommend this place highly. Sadly, the Kerb food markets stop at the end of August! So I will be looking to see them at other foodie markets!

And that’s it for this week 🙂

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