‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.’

One of my favourite books – The Great Gatsby – captures my favourite season so perfectly with this quote.


There are many views on what this phrase means in the book. Some believe it shows Jordan’s privilege and how she sees her life as a constant cycle of renewal, party all summer and refresh in the other months. Some think it is to show the dying of the roaring twenties era and F.Scott-Fitzgerald was trying to say this was the beginning of a new era and I can see this, especially in the characters. After the events unfold, it changes their lives forever.

For me, I like to think this quote refers to the promise of new things coming. I see the autumn as a time for setting goals and taking stock of what you have done. I guess a part of that comes from the years I spent at school where the beginning of September was the time to start new. Almost a new beginning. A fresh start.

My favourite season by far, Autumn is my downtime. Sitting in a hoodie or under a blanket reading a book, shopping at autumn fairs, getting into a warm house after fighting the brisk wind getting colder each day.


Very much like the quote says, every year, trees and plants appear to die and animals go into hibernation ready for the winter. It is a season which sees us wandering a bare world ready for the rebirth and rejuvenation in the spring time. I suppose life does appear to start all over again.

I’m not really sure the point of this post, just an inspiration to write about  🙂

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