Embracing Autumn

Anyone that knows me knows that Autumn is my favourite time of year. The leaves start to turn orange and brown, everywhere gets a sepia filter covering it in real life, and big jumpers are a necessity. For me, Autumn has a special kind of magic feeling to it and I always prepare in the ways below.

1. Hot Drinks

I drink tea every single day, rain or shine. There is something special to me about being inside during a rainy day with a hot cup of tea so it seemed a fitting place to start! Get yourself a flavoured tea or coffee if you’re feeling a little extra bougie and sit yourself by the window to watch the world go by. If you’re not a fan of tea or coffee, grab a hot chocolate or even a hot ribena (those that know, know) to achieve the cosy feeling.

2. Get Cozy

Speaking of cozy, grab yourself the biggest jumper you can and stick that on. The aim here is to counter the wind/rain outside and make our indoors the most cozy place we can. Grab yourself some blankets and pillows and set up your cozy area. This can be a chair, bed or floor; whatever makes you comfortable or cozy!

3. Baking

The smell of pumpkin spiced anything is enough to get me in the mood for autumn, but if you’re not a pumpkin fan (eh?) then try baking a berry or fruit pie to get that same warm freshly baked goods smell about your house.

I gave a recipe to a great berry crumble a few years ago if you want to try it!

4. Reading

There is nothing better than cosying up with a book on a cold autumn day. Picture yourself with a hot drink and a cosy jumper sitting by a rainy window while you read that book. I love a book with a good story that I can’t put down.

I put a list of recommendations for lockdown here. Check out this list for some good reads!

5. Home Decor

As the leaves turn brown and orange, so do my house furnishings.

Actually, that’s a lie…. my favourite blanket in my living room is a bright orange one which stays on my lap all year round!

Cosy furnishings can make your home feel inviting and welcoming when you get back from work. Grab some autumnal candles too to get that inviting pumpkin spice smell in your house.

6. Get Outside

Finally, get outside. I know that sounds counter intuitive but being outside in that nippy wind all wrapped up, will make you appreciate the cosy haven you’ve built in your home. When you get in from that whipping wind, grab your tea (or other warm beverage) and get cosy!

Let me know in the comments what you do to get cosy!

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