#2 Setting Up | The Freelancing Diaries

The Freelancing Diaries is a series documenting my venture into becoming a freelance writer. This is part two in the series. I am not offering advice, just sharing my personal experience. You can read part one here. Since my last post, I’ve finished up at my old job and have been setting myself up to work for myself. I’ve bee researching, attending courses and getting … Continue reading #2 Setting Up | The Freelancing Diaries

#1 I’ve Quit My Job | The Freelancing Diaries

I’ve quit my day job. Well I quit it 3 weeks ago… I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a writer full time for a while now, and the coronavirus lockdowns have given me that push to do so. For the last 10 years, I’ve taken calls and sounded off the classic IT Crowd soundbite; “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” … Continue reading #1 I’ve Quit My Job | The Freelancing Diaries

Crowborough – Homage to my Home Town

Growing up in the countryside had so many advantages, but it was mundane. As children, we’d find adventure in anything we could until we were older and could escape the boredom in nearby Tunbridge Wells or Brighton. My walk to school was a short obstacle course dubbed ‘the muddy path’. Even on the brightest days, the path had a perpetual muddy middle for us to … Continue reading Crowborough – Homage to my Home Town

One Day Soon – Climbing Mount Kenya

This piece was written as a submission for the Bradt New Travel Writer of the Year competition. I didn’t place anywhere in the competition but I’m very proud of this work. This is a true account of my climb of Mount Kenya in July 2017. The competition theme was: I’d Like To Go Back and since we didn’t manage to summit fully, I know I’d … Continue reading One Day Soon – Climbing Mount Kenya

Iceland Ring Road Trip

Winding through beautiful roads, whale watching in Shaky Bay, getting stuck in the snow and swimming in hail storms. Just a few things we got up to our once in a lifetime trip to Iceland. During September 2020, I travelled to this incredible country with my partner and spent three weeks exploring The Land of Fire and Ice. Twelve of those days, we spent in … Continue reading Iceland Ring Road Trip

A Natural Bath in a Hail Storm | Fosslaug, Iceland

The ice was falling hard and fast around us, we had to make a choice; stay here indefinitely, or bolt to the van, half naked. On our second day of driving through the dramatic Icelandic countryside, we’d decided to take ourselves to the Westfjords. The landscape surrounding us was harsh and icy from the intermittent snow showers. We’d done our research and found the infamous … Continue reading A Natural Bath in a Hail Storm | Fosslaug, Iceland