5 Things I Love This Week – 5th June 2017

In this series, I like to post the things I have enjoyed the most this week. It could be an item, a song, a playlist, could be anything.  I publish one every Monday.

1. Brixton Village

After work last week, I made it my way down to Brixton Village with a friend. We wandered around for a bit and marvelled at all of the awesome food stands and shops around. We eventually settled on this pizza place near the entrance under the bridge and it was amazing. The pizza was so yummy and they had taken a few bread baskets and set up a deck across the way. The music was really good and unusual. A perfect accompaniment to our pizza. I had ham and mushroom and my friend had tuna.

2. South Downs

As this post goes live, I am finishing off a 3 day hike across the south downs. This is a practise hike for when I go hiking in Kenya in July. I grew up hiking on these hills and they never fail to amaze me with how beautiful the views are. The images below are stock images but I will post a more detailed post next week about the hike and why I am doing it along with pics I take along the way.

3. Colourful Summer Outfits

This week, and last week, have been very hot. Almost unbearably. Since I work in a ‘professional’ office, I have had to think outside of the box a little when it comes to outfits to wear as I need to be cool and smart. I dug out my summer clothes and this is just one of my outfits for last week 🙂


4. Discover Weekly – Spotify

This week, Discover Weekly on Spotify has done me well! With songs I know I like already on there – Jake Bugg – and new songs being discovered, Spotify have nailed it this week! I have made a playlist containing all songs from this week.


5. Brockwell Park

After Brixton Village, we went down to Brockwell Park to see the infamous London skyline. And it didn’t disappoint. My pictures couldn’t capture it all as it was over a wide spread view :). Amazing, especially at sunset.

And that’s it for this week 🙂

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