5 Things I Love This Week – 19th June 2017

In this series, I like to post the things I have enjoyed the most this week. It could be an item, a song, a playlist, could be anything.  I publish one every Monday.

1. 13 Reasons Why

So I thought I would start with 13 Reasons Why. This is the sad and heartbreaking story of Hannah, a typical girl at an American High School, who kills herself. She leaves behind 13 sides of tape which explain the reasons why she did it. Throughout the series, we follow Clay, an awkward guy who listens to the tapes. I don’t know about you, but Hannah’s thought processes in the show was eerily relate-able to those school years which makes what happens in it almost unbearable to watch, so brace yourself. I think although hard to watch some times, this is a show that everyone needs to see. It can however get quite graphic in some of the scenes. Let me know if you watch it/have watched it and what you think.


2. Minimalist Baker – Blog

I have been trying something new for the past 2 weeks. After watching a shocking documentary about animal treatment, I have been eating Vegetarian/Vegan. To those of you that know me, that has probably made you spit out your tea/coffee/whatever drink!

Anyway, along my journey I have had to find new and exciting meals to eat in the evenings to replace my normal meet fixtures. Que – The Minimalist Baker. The recipes on here are incredibly easy and with a maximum of 10 ingredients per recipe, quite cheap! The biggest hit with my flatmates was this beauty – White Wine and Garlic pasta with Brussels Sprouts. So yummy. (I also added Bacon bits to theirs – no point forcing them eh!). Check out the blog here!


3. Alt-J

Next on the list is Alt-J. I have been a not so regular, on/off listener for about 2 years now. We all have that band that you know you like some of their songs but you only remember every so often, spam them for a bit, then forget until the next time. I had the opportunity to watch them, live at the O2 last week. Completely on a whim, I went along and they were spectacular. Not one wrong note and the lighting and atmosphere was amazing. I really struggled to pick pictures to use as there were so many I took! If you haven’t heard of them before, check out the spotify playlist – This is: Alt-J

4. Hiking

So on a previous post, I mentioned Hiking in Sussex. I went again this weekend! Training for our Queen Scout Award, a group of us set out onto the South Downs in the blistering heat and hiked for 6 hours! If you want to follow our journey, search #QSAfari on twitter (or any other social media)!

5. London

London has been through a lot over the past few months. The whole country has. And with everything last night as well, it is really uplifting to feel the atmosphere in London. The tributes at London Bridge, the community spirit of everyone offering their help to those affected by Grenfell tower. I love this city and I love the people. ❤ #WeLoveLDN

And that’s it for this week 🙂

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